It was my party

Ok, so my actual birthday is Boxing Day but me and my cousin decided to have a joint birthday party, half way between both of our birthdays for our 22nd.

I know what you’re thinking… A party for your 22nd? It’s because neither of us really did anything for our 21st.

Standing out on any night out is important but is in fact THE LAW on your birthday!

When I was looking for a birthday outfit I found that Instagram was a massive help. It’s great for outfit inspiration and if you look hard enough you can really find some unusual pieces.

I came across a clothing line called ‘Dress Me Zara’ on the Instagram explore page, although, since then, they’ve changed their name to ‘Dress Me Zee’. I found that this Insta page was completely my style, so of course I clicked ‘follow’. Dress Me Zee is a girl’s go-to for dresses for nights out.

Straight away a little red number caught my eye. ‘The Robyn Dress’.

Red is the PERFECT colour for a birthday!

The red, velvet dress was sexy but classy at the same time. It’s figure-hugging material covered all my lumps and bumps which was needed straight after the Christmas period. Ok, ok, I get it… Christmas was over a month ago now and I really need to stop using it as an excuse for my body hang-ups!

The dress cost me £36.00 and £4.50 for postage, so pretty average I’d say?

I’d definitely wear it again…If I was an outfit repeater!



P.s. apologies for the limited photos, it appears that I was more interested in the endless alcoholic drinks than the camera that night!

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